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FINALLY, I am starting to rebuild  my Jeepster Commando. Six years ago the main  "BATT." ignition wire broke off, behind the ignition switch, and grounded out causing the rig to catch fire causing serious damage.  This misfortune lead me to write a fix it article  on it. 

With great intentions the rig was tore down to the frame for a "quick build up" but until recently it has been sitting in pieces thanks to Murphy's law and life in general.  Well Murphy's law will always be there but  after six years of waiting the Jeepster Commando is coming out of the ashes and heading for a full recovery, better, stronger, and safer than ever before.

Since this rig will be a daily driver and driven  to most off road events, I need to come up with a happy medium rig that has good safe road manners while still allowing great off road usage. It truly is a give and take situation.

Note: pictures can be viewed in a larger format by clicking on the picture.


Body lift mounts

Defroster upgrade

Fuel filler

Rear cross member

Rear Differential

Shock Mounts


Rear Sway bar


Aero Fuel Tank




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