Welcome to my Jeepster build up. Below are a few pictures of my Jeepster.  I am using a 1986 Waggie Dana 44 rear end that has a 4.88 gear ratio  and a Detroit Locker. TSM disc brake conversion kit is being used and the pictures will show the caliper bracket mounted on the axle flange. I welded an ear on the top of the existing diff. flange so that I could clock the caliper bracket up higher than normal. 

I used old shocks and plastic pipe painted red to show where the new shock mounts are located.  You will notice a new shock mount cross member for the inner shock set up.

The outer upper shock mounts are made from Ford F250 frt. shock towers that were cut down and angled out to fit.

The sway bar is from a 1978 frt. Waggie and it is all stock.. It mounts to the differential on the stock Waggie spring pad locations. 

The springs are custom built to my specs. I may need to add an extra main leaf. There may be a need correct for axle wrap too.

The stock spring hangers were cut off and  new hangers were install under the frame.

I also have a Aero Fuel tank for it. The mounting brackets were cut off and re-welded 2 inches below the original postion.

The rear cross member has been replaced with 3x3 tubing.